Welcome to the library Saskara Counsellors we provide on this website. We are trying our best to provide information that can be used as a foundation and legal basis of law around the world, businesses and others in Indonesia.

Even more than that, we strive to provide supporting information about the long history of law in Indonesia, which until today still require improvements in order to realize the Law of Indonesia Fair & Tolerance.

Here is a list of the new library could we currently provide, among other things:

  1. About Indonesia
  2. Law of Indonesia
    • Law History of Indonesia.
    • Law System of Indonesia.
    • Problems in the system.
  3. Laws & Regulations of Indonesia
    • Undang-undang dasar (UUD) 1945
    • Undang-undang (UU)
    • Perppu (Peraturan Pemerintah Pengganti UU)
    • PP (Peraturan Pemerintah)
    • Perpres (Peraturan Presiden)
    • Perda (Peraturan Daerah)
  4. Others:
    • Inpres (Instruksi Presiden)
    • Kepmen (Keputusan Menteri)
    • SE (Surat Edaran)
    • Lembaran Negara Republi Indonesia
    • Berita Negara

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