About Saskara

Legal advise is an exclusive opinion given to one party. A legal advise which suitable to an entity may not be applicable to another, because there are other inter-related aspects which should be observed. Often times a legal advise given to business entities require assistance of another professional, and most often our client will inquire us for these inter-related professional services. Based on these experiences we understand that more then legal advise, clients need convenience and good relation all rooted in trust.  These are the reasons Saskara established, to meet the needs for sound legal advise based on a broad perspective and solid analysis,  from a trusted advisors.


In providing our services, our approach is using Identification , Analysis, Design, and Solutions.


Each of our department is lead by competent and well versed professionals in their field of expertise.

Legal Service

Our legal service is lead by our Founder Tiarma Siahaan. She obtains her bachelor of law degree focusing on International Law from Faculty of Law University of Indonesia. She further obtained her Master Degree from University of Indonesia focusing on Business Law. Tiarma Siahaan is a registered advocate and thus admitted to practice on and off the courts of Indonesia. Tiarma Siahaan fluently speaks Bahasa Indonesia and English. She has been heavily involved in business and commercial transaction establishment, business sustainability, business and commercial dispute resolution, as well as business dissolution. During the years of her practice, she has been engaged to advise and represent clients amongst which including the industries of fashion retail, restaurant, multinational Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), services, energy and natural resources, manufacturing as well as trading. In addition to her legal practice, Tiarma Siahaan also actively engaged in academical activities and pro-bono works.

Financial and Tax Services

Our Financial and Tax Services is lead by our financial advisor Melissa Ronald which specialized in credit feasibility and worthiness. She obtains her bachelor degree from Faculty of Economy of Atmajaya Catholic University. She has more than 10 years of experiences in banking and non-banking fnancial institutions. With her expertise in credit risk and management, we can provide you pre-assesment for your business needs whether its for working capital loan or investment loan. Her well-established networking also enable us to provide banking relation services with local and foreign banks or other financial institutions. Melissa Ronald speaks both Bahasa Indonesia and English fluently.

Organizational Effectiveness

Our Organizational Effectiveness department is lead by our Psychologist, obtain her Bachelor of Psychology degree from The University of Indonesia and her Psychology profession degree from the same university. With her specialization on industrial psychology, she has been serving the countries renowned multinational companies of different industries for over 14 years in among others organizational design, performance management, as well as organizational development also fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

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