Hourly Basis Services

In this type of service we will charge our services on hourly basis and present our time sheet to the clients which shall be attached to the invoice.

Monthly Subscription Engagement

we will provide our service continuously in the mutually agreed period, hours of service per month, scope of services and other terms and conditions, which all will be charged on a flat fee.

Case Basis Engagement

we will represent the client for specific case in the mutually agreed level of case settlement with a flat fee.

Virtual Counselling

To adapt with the fast pace activities, trans bordering transactions and demand for cost efficiency, we provide virtual counselling services. Our remote professional will assist the client in their daily business, or particular projects without having our presence. The client will enjoy flexibility and the level of convenience of having the work done without travelling or even hiring an employee which thus will save cost without lacking the support required for the business.

Project Basis Engagement

Is a service which we will be engage for the specific project and for particular scope of services with a flat fee.

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